Green Connection Marine Aquarium Sabah ( Kota Kinabalu )

This family-friendly conservation centre aims at showcasing the uniqueness of Sabah’s aquatic biodiversity. It also plans to promote awareness regarding the importance of nature and wildlife conservation through fun and interactive educational activities. The Green Connection offers the experience of strolling through limestone caves, dense jungles, mangrove area, coral reefs of Sipadan, the Northern Tip of Borneo, and Pulau Tiga. Throughout this journey, visitors will be accompanied by guides who are experts in the field. Got questions? Just ask away! There is a series of freshwater aquariums which are modeled after freshwater habitats such as the Kinabatangan River, the Bornean mangrove area, lake and pond, as well as the paddy field. 

Here, visitors will be able to see the species of fish and other wildlife that live in these areas such as the catfish, pig-nosed turtle, and blade fish in the Kinabatangan River-model aquarium and the freshwater mangrove ray in the Bornean mangrove-model tank. For a taste of the amazing underwater world of Sipadan, behold the Sipadan-model coral tank! Deemed as the largest coral tank in South East Asia, this tank is complete with man-made coral reefs, also known as bio-rock, which is made of coral rubbles, cement and popcorns. 

It houses both big and small fish such as the bamboo shark, blue spotted ray, marble ray, cowtail stingray, black-tipped reef shark, guitar shark, striped catfish and many others. You too can opt to dive into this coral tank during the feeding time for a chance to swim with the sharks


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